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A perfectly splendid crystal focal piece for the Autumn garden or indoor decor...
This vision of beauty captures the rich colors that Fall brings ~ orange, copper, topaz, green, yellow, red and bold accents in jet black that make the colors pop!

Unusual vintage top is painted Paprika, and draped and layered with crystal bead and prism strands. There are olive green aurora borealis, amberina, orange, ruby red, yellow, topaz, crystal copper, maderia topaz aurora borealis, dark green and black crystal and glass beads and prisms (many are Austrian crystal). The prisms and beads are mixed with clear lead crystal prisms and beads. 

Attached to the draped multi~color crystal strands are teardrop crystal prisms in ruby red, orange, dark green and topaz. The amberina draped crystal strands hold icicle crystal prisms in dark green, ruby, yellow, topaz and black. The other prism strands inside the draping hold vintage olive green lead crystal arrowhead prisms, antique light topaz lead crystal arrowhead prisms, and antique clear lead crystal arrowhead prisms. The center strand holds an extra large, gorgeous, orange faceted crystal ball.

Sweet melody and lots of sparkle in the sunlight, so enjoy this is a sunny area in the garden, on the patio, or in a sunny window! 

Measures 8" in diameter and 21" long.

Autumn Brilliance Antique Crystal Wind Chime

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