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Autumn Splendor at its finest ;-)

I saw this photo (#2) in the Autumn Bliss edition of Victoria Classics, and I was so thoroughly captivated by the gorgeous, vibrant autumn colors in the bouquet that I had to try to capture those colors in this wind chime. The closer I got to completion in creating this lovely work of crystal art, the happier I was in how all of the beautiful colors came together!

The scalloped, cut~out antique brass top is surrounded with three layers of crystal, glass, and stone bead and prism strands. The colors include purple, magenta, fuchsia, deep rose, deep pink, orange, lime green, dark green, ruby red, and clear. There are orange turquoise butterfly beads, frosted purple bead caps, magenta wavy cut bead, Austrian crystal beads and prisms, purple glass pearls, etc. All kinds of eye~catching beads and prisms!

Attached to the strands are iridescent plum teardrop prisms, magenta teardrop prisms, orange icicle prisms, vintage ruby icicle prisms, purple water drop prisms, fuchsia water drop prisms, large orange teardrop prisms, large fuchsia teardrop prisms, antique notched lead crystal arrowhead prisms, and antique smooth and long notched lead crystal arrowhead prisms. An amazing melody in a breeze, and a tremendous amount of sparkle :-) The center crystal bead strand holds a large deep orange faceted crystal ball.

Measures 6 1/4" in diameter and 23" long. A true show~stopper, in the autumn garden, or in a sunny window...

Vibrant Jewels Crystal Wind Chime

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