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An intense combination of vibrant colors is found in this crystal wind chime :-)

Antique brass top is surrounded with cheerful layers of crystal, glass, ceramic, and other bead and prism strands that create a breathtaking visual. There are some very unique beads with some very unique color combinations. The primary colors used are yellow, turquoise/aqua, bright/lime green, hot pink/fuchsia, and orange. These colors work very well together!

Attached to the strands are golden yellow teardrop crystal prisms, light green French pendant crystal prisms, fuchsia icicle prisms, iridescent blue~green teardrop prisms, orange teardrop prisms, yellow water drop prisms, fuchsia water drop prisms, aqua icicle prisms, and long, flawless antique arrowhead lead crystal prisms. The center strand holds a brilliant orange faceted crystal ball.

Measures 4 1/2" in diameter and 24" long.

Color Explosion Antique Crystal Wind Chime

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