Peacock Wind Chime ~ Deposit on Custom Order


Antique brass top is surrounded with three luscious layers of crystal, glass and stone beads and prisms in blue zircon, teal, violet, purple, turquoise, aqua, emerald, navy, sapphire, peacock, and clear. The beaded strands feature large iridescent purple and blue beads, large teal beads, and huge peacock octagon prisms. This is such a beautiful mix of color!

Attached to the strands are teal French pedant crystal prisms, sapphire ball drop prisms, violet ball drop prisms, peacock teardrop prisms, violet water drop crystal prisms, teal blue icicle prisms, dark sapphire water drop prisms, emerald water drop crystal prisms, and iridescent sapphire teardrop crystal prisms. Finally, there are gorgeous, long antique saw-tooth cut lead crystal prisms and extra long, smooth arrowhead lead crystal prisms. The center crystal strand holds a lovely faceted violet crystal ball.

This wind chime has amazingly rich beauty, and sounds absolutely heavenly in a breeze!

Measures 4 1/4" in diameter and 25" long.

Custom Order for Paola


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