Antique scalloped brass top is embellished with clear crystal faceted beads and the piece is surrounded with lots of luxurious faceted crystal bead and prism strands. There are iridescent faceted beads and crystal prisms mixed in with the strands for added depth and color.

Clear and iridescent water drop crystal prisms are attached to the outside layer of strands, as well as some of the inside layer. They are staggered to give that waterfall effect. There are also clear crystal teardrop prisms, antique notched arrowhead lead crystal prisms, and very long and flawless arrowhead lead crystal prisms...these produce such an amazing melody in a breeze, you will be mesmerized :-) The center strand holds a dazzling aurora borealis faceted crystal ball.

Measures 4 1/2" x 24".

Custom Order for Ula


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