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I was awe~struck by this photo (image #2) of a winter's twilight, and was my inspiration for this striking crystal sun catcher.

The vintage brass, star~shaped top is embellished with jet black and aurora borealis crystal beads, and the piece is surrounded with layers of faceted clear crystal beads, very large faceted crystal beads, jet black faceted beads, some gold and black beads, gold metallic faceted beads, and a scattering of deep blue crystal beads and shamballa beads.

Attached to the strands of beads are jet black crystal moons and stars in various sizes, aurora borealis crystal stars, jet black and aurora borealis faceted crystal balls, and deep blue water drop crystal prisms. The center strand holds a larger faceted aurora borealis crystal ball. This produces beautiful sparkle in the sunlight! 

Measures 3 1/2" in diameter and 22" long.

Twilight Crystal Sun Catcher

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