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A beautiful crystal wind chime in pretty, watery colors of blue~green, olive, and purple.

Lovely antique scalloped brass top has a wonderful old flat, silvery patina that works perfectly with the chosen colors. The hanging loop is painted a soothing grayish/bluish/greenish color called "Secluded Garden". So enchanting!

Three layers of crystal and bead strands surround the piece. Clear prisms and faceted beads are mixed with olive green aurora borealis, deep violet, orchid, moss green, turquoise, purple, tanzanite, silver, and sea blue. There are also rhinestone studded filigree balls for a little extra sparkle.

Attached to the strands are Swarovski Austrian crystal icicles in deep violet, turquoise icicle prisms, large clear lead crystal teardrop prisms, olive green star and flower etched colonial cut lead crystal prisms, aqua water drop prisms, and gorgeous antique notched arrowhead lead crystal prisms that are flawlessly beautiful! The center crystal strand holds a beautiful deep violet faceted crystal ball.

Measures 5" x 24".

Water Colors Antique Crystal Wind Chime

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