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A bohemian gypsy crystal wind chime filled with sparkle and rich, rich colors...

Antique brass top is embellished with vintage rhinestone buttons in a variety of beautiful colors. The top is surrounded with layers of crystal and glass prism and bead strands (as well as antique brass filigrees with rhinestones) in purple, deep violet, topaz, aurora borealis topaz, iridescent purple and orange, orange, copper crystal, clear, and touches of rich emerald green. There is a nice combination of Swarovski crystal and Czech crystal. 

Attached to the strands are deep violet french pendant prisms, faceted orange crystal balls, dark topaz french pendant prisms, purple crystal clusters, and antique arrowhead lead crystal prisms for a sweet melody. The center strand of large antique octagon prisms (mixed with purple, copper, orange, topaz and emerald crystal and glass beads) holds a dazzling faceted purple crystal ball.

Measures 4 1/2" x 23".

Antique Jeweled Bohemian Crystal Wind Chime

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