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A lovely vintage ruffled pink and clear Venetian glass bobeche is used to create this sweet and sparkly crystal wind chime...

The glass is surrounded with clear crystal bead and prism strands and different shades of pink beads and aurora borealis crystal prisms are woven throughout the strands, pink glass pearl strands, and then more clear prisms.  There are vintage icicle lead crystal prisms, water pink french pendant crystal prisms, antique notched arrowhead lead crystal prisms, and antique smooth arrowhead lead crystal prisms attached to the strands.  The center strand of pink pearls and clear crystal beads feature a large lead crystal sun disk at the center, and a lovely faceted pink crystal ball is attached at the bottom.

This beautiful piece of art measures 5" in diameter at its widest, and 29" long.  A perfect addition to the rose garden or swaying gently in a breeze on the porch or patio...lots of sparkle and a pretty melody.

Antique Pink Venetian Crystal Wind Chime

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