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A very pretty crystal wind chime...

Ornate brass top is painted a light aqua blue, and is surrounded with lilac/lavender and aqua crystal and glass beads.

The piece is surrounded with layers of crystal, glass, and gemstones in shades of purple (lilac, lavender, violet) and aqua blue, light aqua, and light blue. Attached to the strands are light aqua teardrop prisms, lavender teardrop prisms, aqua water drop prisms, lilac water drop prisms, light aqua pendant prisms, light violet pendant prisms, long vintage glass flowers, and antique etched colonial cut lead crystal prisms. The center strand holds a dazzling violet faceted crystal ball.

Measures just under 4" in diameter, and 24" long.

Aqua and Violet Antique Crystal Wind Chime

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