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These little hummingbirds are so cute, I just had to create a wind chime to house them! Their colors are primarily aqua with touches of green, purple and red. I created the chime in aqua, dark aqua, green, red, and clear crystal...

Antique brass cut~out top is embellished with large light aqua aurora borealis and deep ruby red faceted crystal prisms. The piece is surrounded with layers of crystal bead and prism strands in clear mixed with Austrian ruby crystal prisms, deep aqua, light aqua, green and clear. There are also little strands with green rhinestone encrusted balls mixed in with the clear faceted bead strands. Tiny glass bead strands in light aqua and light green are also used.

Attached to the strands are ruby icicle crystal prisms, deep aqua icicle crystal prisms, clear lead crystal teardrop prisms, petite Austrian crystal icicles in light aqua and light green, antique smooth arrowhead lead crystal prisms, and last, but not least, three gorgeous hand-blown glass hummingbirds as described above. The center strand holds a dazzling deep red faceted crystal ball.

While all of my wind chimes sound lovely, this hummingbird wind chime is at the top of the "lovely" list for its melody! The dazzle is awesome too!

Measures 3 3/4" x 27".

Aqua Hummingbirds Antique Crystal Wind Chime

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