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This is the sweetest aqua crystal waterfall chandelier! Vintage etched and scalloped glass top with brass pieces that are painted a light ocean mist blue creates an amazingly beautiful base for the aqua water drop crystals...

There are three tiers of aqua water drop crystals surrounding the glass piece. The top tier has tiny ab crystal strands between each prism holder, and each of these strands hold an aqua water drop, so there is a full, staggered waterfall effect. The other two tiers are also staggered to complete the gorgeous waterfall effect. There are a total of 82 light aqua water drop crystals on this fixture!! The center large crystal prism strand holds a lovely light aqua faceted crystal ball.

The electrical is new. It has 15 feet of silver wire with plug and inline switch, three feet of matte silver chain, and a silver/chrome socket holder that takes a standard size bulb, up to 60 watts.

Measures 8" in diameter and 18" long. It is a dazzling waterfall fixture!

Aqua Waterfall Pendant Chandelier

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