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A fabulous antique crystal wind chime in light aqua, blue~green, pale blue and silver ~ this really pops!

The antique brass top has been lightly touched with metallic silver to enhance the lovely pattern in the metal top as well as to compliment out the colors in the crystals. It is surrounded with strands of crystal prisms, faceted crystal beads, agate, stone, and metal beads in shades of aqua, aquamarine, turquoise, cyan, pearl gray, silver and clear.

Attached to the strands are light aqua raindrop crystal prisms, and long vintage smooth and etched rectangle lead crystal prisms (for a delightful melody!). The center strand holds an aqua glass seed beaded tassel with tiny silver balls on the ends.

This special piece of crystal art measures 4 1/2" in diameter and 24" long.

Aquamarine Crystal Wind Chime

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