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A fabulous crystal wind chime that boasts jewel Autumn colors of purple, amethyst, copper, bronze, gold and topaz.

Antique scalloped, cut out brass top is surrounded with three layers of crystal prism and bead strands and lots of pendant prisms, both vintage and newer. The beaded strands are crystal, glass, ceramic, rhinestones, wood, metal and other. There are various shades and shapes of purple and violet, amethyst, tanzanite, copper, bronze, gold, and aurora borealis topaz mixed with clear. There are fun leopard print beads, tiger eye beads, and bohemian print beads. The crystal prisms are Swarovski crystal copper and tanzanite, and Czech plum iridescent, also mixed with clear.

Attached to the strands are vintage purple/amethyst teardrop crystal prisms, large clear lead crystal teardrop prisms, lovely detailed glass maple leaves in purple and topaz, star and flower etched lead crystal rectangle prisms in topaz and amethyst, and antique smooth and notched arrowhead lead crystal prisms. The center crystal strand holds a brilliant deep violet faceted crystal ball.

Such a fun, and dazzling, addition to the Autumn garden! For year~round delight, hang it in front of a sunny window in your favorite room, and enjoy the dazzle :-)

Measures 5" in diameter and 27" long.

Autumn Bliss Crystal Wind Chime

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