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As pretty as a sunny autumn day! This crystal wind chime uses rich purple, violet and topaz, with lots of precious metal colors in gold, bronze and copper.

The antique brass top is painted purple, and it is surrounded with layers of chunky glass and crystal beads and dazzling crystal prisms ~ all in pale gold, dark gold, deep bronze, copper, amethyst purple, purple iridescent, dark violet, crystal copper and rich topaz. Many of the crystal beads and prisms are Austrian for superior sparkle. There are also antique brass filigrees and copper linked chain in the strands.

Attached to the strands are gold iridescent teardrop crystal prisms, deep violet water drop prisms, hand~painted (permanent stain) copper with gold flecks teardrop crystal prisms, golden water drop prisms, and extra long, flawless antique arrowhead lead crystal prisms for an amazing melody. The center strand holds an old beaded topaz/amber tassel.

Measures 4" in diameter and 23" long.

Autumn Crystal Wind Chime

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