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A pretty antique crystal wind chime with a certain, lovely "beachy" color theme in blues and aquas...


Antique scalloped brass top is surrounded with beautiful, sparkly layers of crystal bead and prism strands.  Clear crystal bead and prism strands are mixed with white, white aurora borealis, beautiful sky blue, Swarovski Pacific Opal, white with gold Tibetan beads, Swarovski antiuqe green prisms, and white opal prisms.  Attached to the strands are blue~green jade teardrops, aurora borealis faceted crystal teardrop prisms, pale blue opal water drop prisms, white opal water drop prisms, and large antique blue~green frosted "angel" crystal pendants (they are quite eye~catching!)  The center crystal strand holds a beautiful white opaque faceted crystal ball.

This wind chime measures 4 1/4" in diameter and 23" long. 

Aqua and White Crystal Wind Chime

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