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A stunning work of crystal garden art! This wind chime is so cheerful and charming...

Vintage brass top is painted French blue, and heavily embellished with blue porcelain roses, yellow floral findings, yellow rhinestone findings, blue rhinestones, and one little porcelain piece that has pink ;-) The bobeche at the top (one part of the bobeche is French blue and the other part of the bobeche is yellow) of this wind chime is draped in clear faceted bead strands and each petal holds a yellow faceted crystal ball, alternating with a sapphire teardrop prism.

There is another lighting component inside this piece that is painted yellow. Both this piece and the main piece are surrounded with light sapphire, ice blue, yellow and clear faceted crystal bead strands, and clear prism strands. The clear prism strands have either Austrian crystal blue aurora borealis or yellow prism accents. Attached to the strands are yellow icicle prisms, sapphire teardrop prisms, clear teardrop prisms, clear scalloped teardrop prisms, yellow teardrop prisms, antique yellow and antique blue porcelain roses, large sapphire blue crystal clusters, and vintage star and flower etch rectangular lead crystal prisms. The center strand has a rosette about half~ way down the length of the wind chime, and then two crystal strands are formed, each holding another vintage etched rectangular lead crystal prism.

This is a fairly heavy piece of art, measuring 4 1/2" across and 27" long. It produces a ton a sparkle, and sounds amazing!

Blue and Yellow Roses Crystal Wind Chime

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