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The quintessential Bohemian~style, peacock~colors crystal wind chime ;-)

Brass top is surrounded with layers of crystal and glass bead and prism strands in rich colors of turquoise, aqua, olive green, navy, purple, teal, and cobalt. Most of the beads, and many of the prisms, have an aurora borealis, or iridescent coating, to give them a special sheen and sparkle. There are large medium vitrail crystals and antiqued brass filigrees mixed in with the strands to bring a little more magic to the piece.

Attached to the strands are olive teardrop crystal prisms, large vintage aquamarine crystal teardrop prisms, medium vitrail teardrop crystal prisms, iridescent plum teardrop crystal prisms, cobalt spear crystal prisms, purple icicle prisms, antique opaque turquoise spear prisms, and antique notched arrowhead lead crystal prisms. The bottom center strand holds an extra large medium vitrail/silver mix faceted crystal ball.

Measures just under 5" in diameter and 27" long.

Bohemian Antique Crystal Wind Chime

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