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Bohemian Antique Crystal Wind Chime

A vibrant, Bohemian~style antique crystal wind chime...

Antique brass top is embellished with crystal beads in mustard yellow ab, olive green, deep purple, and magenta, and the piece is surrounded with 31 strands of crystal, glass, and gemstone beads and prisms all in the same rich colors. There are square prisms, lamp work beads, iridescent beads, and jade beads in the mix.

Attached to the strands are dark purple pendant crystal prisms, olive green pendant crystal prisms, magenta water drop crystal prisms, dark vitrail crystal teardrop prisms, dark vitrail crystal rings, volcano crystal rings, and gorgeous antique notched arrowhead lead crystal prisms in two sizes. The center strand holds a light topaz/golden yellow faceted crystal ball.

This wind chime measures 4" in diameter and 28" long.

Bohemian Antique Crystal Wind Chime

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