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A lovely, colorful Bohemian~style pendant chandelier ;-)

Vintage brass filigree is surrounded by two layers of crystal prisms ~ 50 strands of crystal prisms surrounding the outer rim and 12 strands of crystal prisms attached to a brass bobeche inside the pendant. Of the 50 strands on the outer rim are 25 strands of square prisms and larger (16mm) octagon prisms in tea/topaz, copper, purple, olive green, aqua, teal and gold. The other 25 strands are metallic olive crystal beads. The 12 strands inside the pendant are the square and octagon prisms.

Attached to the strands are teal teardrop crystal prisms, purple teardrop crystal prisms, tea pendant crystal prisms, olive pendant crystal prisms, smaller dark purple pendant crystal prisms, and half~coated tea/topaz aurora borealis teardrop prisms.

The electrical is new. This takes a standard size bulb, up to 40 watts max. There is approximately 15 feet of wire with a plug and switch, and three feet or ornate etched brass chain. This is ready to hang as a swag, or it can be hardwired. A topaz beaded bulb cover is included for extra romantic Bohemian ambiance ;-) The first photo shows this chandelier lit using the beaded bulb cover and the last photo shows it without the beaded bulb cover. If you want to use the bulb cover, you will need a chandelier shaped bulb in the standard size.

Measures 7" in diameter and 18" long.

Bohemian Crystal and Brass Pendant Chandelier

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