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This is a truly dazzling, colorful, spicy, and unique Bohemian pendant chandelier ;-)

Finely pierced brass pendant is painted copper metallic and it holds 76 gorgeous strands of crystal beads and prisms in copper metallic, olive green, bronze, topaz, and purple.

There are dark purple crystal teardrop prisms, small dark violet teardrop prisms, dark gold crystal teardrop prisms, topaz pendant crystal prisms, olive pendant crystal prisms, and dark purple crystal waterdrop prisms.

The electrical is new ~ there is a standard size copper light socket with 15 feet of copper wire and three feet of copper chain. A plug and inline switch allows this to hang as a swag. If hardwiring is desired, let me know and I will include a copper metallic painted ceiling canopy. This takes a standard size bulb, up to 75 watts.

This measures 7 1/2" in diameter and 21 inches long. It is a very eclectic, Bohemian style chandelier!

Bohemian, Moroccan Pendant Crystal Chandelier

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