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A beautiful Bohemian Gypsy summer crystal wind chime, featuring gorgeous seasonal colors in sunny yellow, sky blue, cobalt blue, lime green, brilliant orange, deep magenta, and majestic gold.

The antique brass top is embellished with large antique rosettes in two shapes and colorful crystal and glass beads. The piece is surrounded with three luscious layers of crystal prism and bead strands, all in the summer rainbow colors. Included in the strands are druzy beads, antique gold filigrees, rhinestone studded jewels, gold metallic beads, antique orange beads, Czech crystal beads, and Swarovski crystal beads.

Attached to the strands are peacock color crystal teardrop prisms, clear lead crystal prisms, magenta crystal teardrop prisms, lime green water drop crystal prisms, orange faceted crystal balls, large cobalt blue teardrop prisms, and large golden crystal cluster balls. Last, but certainly not least, there are 6 antique lead crystal prisms ~ 3 are very long etched arrowheads and 3 are smooth arrowheads. And, the deep tones produced by these crystals is absolutely mesmerizing! The center strand of crystal beads holds a sparkly magenta faceted crystal ball.

This measures 5" in diameter and 26" long. This will keep the garden colorful well after the flowers fade! Or hang this in a sunny window and enjoy the sparkle!

Bohemian Summer Antique Crystal Wind Chime

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