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This is a shimmery, very sparkly crystal wind chime that sounds as beautiful as it looks! This is definitely a piece for a sunny window...

Antique brass top is embellished with clear faceted crystal beads. The piece is surrounded with layers of clear faceted crystal bead strands and clear crystal prism strands, with a few accent of aurora borealis for a special touch. Attached to the strands are aurora borealis water drop crystal prisms, vintage water drop crystal prisms, extra long, antique bulbous water drop crystal prisms, French pendant crystal prisms, aurora borealis tear drop crystal prisms, and antique lead crystal spear prisms. The center strand holds a clear faceted crystal ball.

Measures 4" in diameter and 27" long. It sparkles like diamonds in the sunlight and the melody is magical!

Clear and Aurora Borealis Antique Crystal Wind Chime

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