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Shimmery and full of sparkle!  Antique brass pieces are painted shimmery gold.  The top piece is draped in strands of gold, topaz, emerald and purple crystal and glass beads, with a dark vitrail crystal pendant at each petal.  The main top piece is embellished with vintage rhinestone buttons and clear crystal rhinestone trim.  Layers of crystal prism and bead strands surround the piece, using gold, caramel, topaz, purple, purple iris, aurora borealis emerald, amethyst and bronze beads.  Attached to the strands are emerald crystal teardrop prisms, Austrian crystal topaz icicle prisms, long clear "dagger" type prisms, amethyst etched colonial cut lead crystal prisms, purple waterdrop prisms, antique topaz waterdrop prisms, and medium and long antique arrowhead lead crystal prisms;  The center strand holds a dark vitrail crystal cluster.
Measures 5" x 27".  This produces the loveliest of melodies and the sparkle is mesmerizing!

Golden Jeweled Antique Crystal Wind Chime

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