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HoT PiNk DaZZle, for your garden in the summer and your sunniest window in the winter!

This dreamy waterfall wind chime is created with an antique brass top, painted a shimmery brushed nickel. There are silver metallic, rhinestone, and bright pink beads and pearls embellishing the top to add sparkle and glitz.

The piece is surrounded with generous layers of crystal bead and prism strands in clear, rose, hot pink, silver metallic, and matte silver. The hot pink crystal beads are tiny and scattered throughout the piece...the hot pink icicle prisms really make these tiny beads pop! There are Austrian rose crystal prisms, silver metallic prisms, and extra large clear prisms in the strands, which add an unexpected elegance to the whimsy of this wind chime.

Attached to the strands are hot pink icicle crystal prisms and they are staggered in layers and lengths to give that perfect "waterfall" effect. There are also hot pink French pendant prisms, silver metallic water drop prisms, antique notched lead crystal arrowhead prisms, and last but certainly not least, gorgeous vintage lead crystal arrowhead prisms that are flashed in an old rose/pinkish color (note the coloring is not consistent throughout these prisms). They are quite unique, and a striking feature of this wind chime. The center crystal strand holds a sweet, hot pink teardrop crystal pendant.

Measures 4" in diameter and 22" long.

Hot Pink Waterfall Antique Crystal Wind Chime

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