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These darling little creatures will be there to delight you year~round, even after all the pretty birds have taken flight to warmer climates for the winter...:-)

Antique brass top is surrounded with three luscious layers of crystal faceted beads and prisms in clear, light rose, pink, and light green. There are Swarovski Austrian crystal prisms, pink polymer shamballa beads, perdiot rhinestone encrusted filigree balls, sweet pink glass pearls, and smooth, light green glass beads.

Attached to the strands are clear lead crystal teardrop prisms, antique French pendant crystal prisms, light green and light pink water drop prisms, antique rectangular cut lead crystal prisms, and the "jewels" of this wind chime, hand blown hummingbirds, in pink and green (I also see a tiny bit of blue in one of them). They're coloring blends so perfectly with the pink and green crystals and prisms. The center strand holds a dazzling light pink faceted crystal ball.

A sublime piece of garden/glass art, this wind chime measures 4" in diameter and 27" long.

Hummingbirds Antique Crystal Wind Chime

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