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Colorlful, handblown glass hummingbirds are the highlight of this wind chime. They are so sweet!

Measuring 4 1/2" in diameter and 29" long, your garden (or window) will just sing with color and sparkle :-)

Antique brass top is surrounded with three luscious layers of clear crystal bead and prism strands, with dazzling accents in Austrian crystal prisms in light violet, light rose, light peridot, light blue and light aqua that compliments the pretty colors in the hummingbirds. 

In addition to the hummingbirds, there are alternating clear aurora borealis and clear crystal teardrop prisms in the upper part of the wind chime, and smaller clear aurora borealis crystal teardrops toward the center part. There are also a variety of beautiful antique lead crystal arrowhead prisms, notched, smooth and star etched, which produce a lovely melody. The hummingbirds are a symphony of colors...lavender, purple, green, pink, red, yellow, aqua, and blue. The center crystal bead strand holds a sparkly clear aurora borealis crystal cluster.


When the hummingbirds leave your garden for the season, you will enjoy these little darlings even more!

Hummingbirds Crystal Wind Chime

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