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A gorgeous wind chime using antique glass parts, antique prisms, and fabulous crystal strands and prisms in shades of turquoise, teal, cobalt, emerald, and purple.

Two antique glass pieces make the "top" ~ the main piece is perm~painted/stained in emerald, turquoise, lacquer blue, and purple. Strands of crystal and glass prisms and beads surround the pieces, including emerald, iridescent turquoise. navy, and deep violet crystal prisms. There are strands in teal crystal beads, purple crystal beads, and silver beads, stone beads, and clear crystal prisms.

Attached to the strands are lead crystal teardrops in water blue, emerald, and dark sapphire. There are also glass swirls in teal, antique colonial cut lead crystal prisms, antique notched arrowhead lead crystal prisms, aqua crystal clusters. The center strand holds a beautiful emerald faceted crystal ball. Due to the glass and teal swirls used in this wind chime, it is delicate. 5"x 24".

Jellyfish Antique Glass and Crystal Wind Chime

  • The transparent paint/stain used on the glass is permanent so it will not chip, fade or peel.  Since this is made from antique glass and crystal, clean using a damp, soft cloth.

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