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The antique brass top is painted sweet pale violet and embellished with Swarovski violet crystal beads and Czech sky blue crystal beads topped with antiqued bronze filigree flower bead caps (they are adorable!). It is trimmed in Swarovski tanzanite crystal rhinestones, light blue crystal rhinestones, and a lovely combination of light blue, light peridot and tanzanite rhinestones.

Strands of clear, Swarovski light violet and Czech sky blue crystal prisms, and baby blue glass pearls surround the piece. There are various violet and light blue crystal and glass beads mixed in with the baby blue pearls and prism strands, adding a rich vibrancy and more sparkle.

Attached to the lovely strands are antique pale blue basket-weave crystal teardrop prisms, light violet icicle prisms, light violet water drop prisms, antique scalloped french pendant prisms, and beautiful vintage colonial cut lead crystal prisms which produce the sweetest melody in a light wind. The center strand is a mix of light violet, huge antique crystal octagon prisms, sky blue and light violet prisms and beads, and pearls with flower bead caps. This strand holds a dazzling light blue crystal cluster.

A perfect addition to a sunny window, or to add lots of sparkle to your porch or garden!

Measures 4" x 23".

Jeweled Light Blue and Violet Antique Crystal Wind Chime

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