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A special, sparkly rainbow antique crystal wind chime...

Antique brass top was painted an off~white and shows nice vintage can see some of the brass showing through. This piece is surrounded with three beautiful layers of crystal prism and bead strands. The primary colors are magenta and olive green. There are also iridescent purple and iridescent peacock green prisms, beads in shades of raspberry and sangria, light gold prisms, rhinestones set in antique brass, and clear crystal prisms and faceted crystal beads. 

Attached to the strands are olive green diamond patterned teardrop prisms, magenta teardrop prisms, large peacock crystal prisms (with mirror backings), large magenta faceted crystal balls, olive green notched arrowhead lead crystal prisms, and antique notched arrowhead lead crystal prisms. The center crystal strands holds a dazzling Swarovski sun disk in shades of green and purple.

Measures 4 1/4" x 25".

Magenta and Olivine Antique Crystal Wind Chime

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