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A splendid blend of rich colors in blues, greens and purples...

Antique brass top is accented with crystal and glass beads in teal, violet, purple, dark blue and emerald.  Layers of crystal and glass beads and prisms surround the piece all in eye~catching hues.  There are prisms strands in teal, iridescent dark blue, iridescent purple, aqua and clear.  There are also bead strands in boysenberry, teal, turquoise, tanzanite ab, emerald ab, and purple.  Some are Austrian crystals and some are Czech crystals.  


Attached to the strands are light aqua basketweave crystal teardrop prisms, iridescent plum teardrop prisms, hand~painted/stained (permanent) Caribbean turquoise teardrop prisms, cobalt blue teardrop prisms, peacock teardrop prisms, and very long, lustrous antique arrowhead lead crystal prisms.  These prisms produce an amazing crystal melody.  The center crystal strands holds a striking dark emerald faceted crystal ball.


Measures 4" in diameter and 25" long.

Majestic Antique Crystal Wind Chime

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