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A stunning crystal wind chime, filled with vibrant, whimsical color :-)

Measuring, 4" in diameter and 25" long, this work of crystal art features gorgeous antique opaline aqua/turquoise crystal spear prisms.


Antique brass top, painted bright apple green, is embellished with crystal and glass beads in lime green, orange, turquoise, sunflower yellow, and hot pink.

The piece is surrounded with layers of crystal, glass, and other, bead and prism strands in the same colors as the beads on top...lime green, apple green, orange and orange aurora borealis, turquoise aurora borealis, hot pink, fuchsia, sunflower yellow, and lemon yellow.  The strands also include aurora borealis and clear crystal faceted beads and prisms.


Attached to the strands are Spring green French pendant crystal prisms, orange faceted teardrop prisms, aqua faceted teardrop prisms, yellow faceted teardrop prisms, fuchsia faceted teardrop prisms, green water drop prisms, fuchsia water drop prisms, dark aqua water drop prisms, orange waterdrop crystal prisms, antique opaline aqua/turquoise notched arrowhead lead crystal prisms, and antique scalloped notched arrowhead lead crystal prisms.  The center crystal strand holds a faceted orange crystal ball.


Beautiful, bright colors!  And the sound is incredibly wonderful!

Multi Color Crystal Wind Chime

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