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Old Rose Antique Crystal Wind Chime

A lovely antique crystal wind chime with a vintage rose flavor, and a fluid and deep song :-)


An ornate vintage brass top is surrounded with 31 dazzling strands of crystal beads and prisms in vintage rose, champagne, rose gold, golden teak, ivory, and clear.  There are pink blush roses in the mix, as well as gorgeous lamp work beads, large octagon prisms, and square prisms.


Attached to the strands are golden teak crystal teardrops, rose French pendant crystal prisms, light coffee crystal pendant prisms, vintage rose water drop crystal prisms, rose teardrop crystal prisms, and antique smooth spear head lead crystal prisms that sound incredibly beautiful in a breeze.  The center strand holds a warm golden faceted crystal ball.


This fabulous crystal wind chime measures just under 4" in diameter and 26" long.  It is fairly heavy.

Old Rose Antique Crystal Wind Chime

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