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A romantic, baroque~type crystal wind chime.  Antique brass top is dotted with lavender and olive green beads and the piece is surrounded with two thick layers of crystal and glass beads in colors of lilac, milky orchid lustre, boysenberry, French fern green, olive green, and cyclamen opal, tanzanite, taupe, and just a scattering of clear crystal prisms.  Orchid crystal strands are draped around the top.  There are also antique brass linked chains in the inner layer with glass beads in shades of purple.  There are brass filigrees used in some of the strands, as well as brass filigree bead caps used with some of the olive pearls and cyclamen crystal beads.
Attached to the strands are olive green crystal teardrops, medium orchid icicle prisms, lilac icicle prisms, deep violet icicle prisms, clear icicle prisms, antique star and flower etched lead crystal prisms, and antique notched arrowhead lead crystal prisms.  The center strand holds a faceted lilac crystal ball.
4 1/4" x 23".

Orchid and Fern Antique Crystal Wind Chime

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