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This is a magnificent bohemian~gypsy~magical crystal wind chime that is a focal point for any garden, patio, sun room, or any room with a sunny window...

The antique brass light components are painted metallic dark blue (that shows some iridescent purple undertones), teal, and purple.  The main section is trimmed in rhinestones in various blues, emerald, tanzanite purple, aqua, and olive. 

The very top is draped in purples and greens beaded strands, with each petal holding a dark vitrail or dark blue Swarovski prism.

The piece is surrounded with layers of crystal, glass, stone, ceramic, and other beads in shades of green, deep sapphire, navy, teal, turquoise, aqua, violet, purple, and tanzanite.  There are crystal prisms that make up some of the strands and they are in vitrail, aqua, emerald, violet, iridescent purple, and blue zircon.

Attached to the strands are teal crystal teardrops, iridescent purple crystal teardrops, violet icicle prisms, blue zircon icicle prisms, large peacock crystal teardrop prisms, violet crystal clusters, antique notched arrowhead lead crystal prisms, and smooth antique arrowhead lead crystal prisms...they are flawlessly gorgeous and the melody they produce is so enchanting!  The center crystal strand holds a beautiful teal faceted crystal ball.

This is a substantial piece of crystal/garden art, measuring just under 6" in diameter and 32" long!

Peacock Antique Crystal Wind Chime

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