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Peacock Antique Crystal Wind Chime

A pretty, and very sparkly, antique crystal wind chime in lovely peacock colors of dark blue, teal, purple, vitrail, and a touch of aqua.

Ornate brass top is embellished with crystal beads in blue, purple, teal and Swarovski vitrail, and the piece is surrounded with 25 strands of crystal and glass beads and prisms in all the colors mentioned. There are lots of stunning vitrail beads and prisms in the strands for lots of sparkle ;-)

Attached to the strands are dark purple teardrop crystal prisms, aqua teardrop crystal prisms, half ab coated teal teardrop crystal prisms, half coated ab dark blue teardrop crystal prisms, vitrail teardrop crystal prisms, vitrail pendant crystal prisms, and long antique crystal rectangular prisms. The center strand holds a beautiful vitrail crystal pendant.

Measures just under 4" in diameter and 27" long.

Peacock Antique Crystal Wind Chime

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