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Peacock Colors Antique Crystal Wind Chime

This is a large, beautiful crystal wind chime in pretty peacock colors ~ dark blue, teal, aqua, purple, and green.

Antique brass top is embellished with crystal, glass and ceramic beads in teal, dark blue and emerald. The piece is surrounded with 65 strands of crystal and glass beads and prisms in the same colors. There are stunning lampwork beads, glass pearls, and lots of metallic prisms in dark blue, dark blue/purple two toned, and turquoise.

Attached to the strands are half~coated ab emerald teardrop crystal prisms, half~coated ab turquoise blue teardrop crystal prisms, teal teardrop crystal prisms, dark purple and dark blue icicle crystal prisms, dark blue/purple two toned teardrop crystal prisms, antique aqua French pendant prisms, emerald pendant crystal prisms, purple water drop crystal prisms, dark blue water drop crystal prisms, teal icicle crystal prisms, and long exquisite lead crystal arrowhead crystal prisms. The center strand holds a dazzling aquamarine faceted crystal ball.

This is heavy; it measures 5 1/2" in diameter and 30" long. It is a stunning piece!
Due to USPS price increases, this will ship via UPS. You will be refunded any shipping overage.

Peacock Colors Antique Crystal Wind Chime

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