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A sweet, romantic cottage~style crystal wind chime in light aqua~blue and pink.

This precious wind chimes measures 4" in diameter and 24" long, and features pretty light blue porcelain roses, a pink rose, and pink and blue rhinestones on a antique top that is painted Rainwater.

There is a vintage brass filagree piece on the inside of this piece that holds 16 strands of crystal and glass beads and prisms, and the main housing holds 20 strands of crystal and glass beads and prisms. There are light pink faceted beads, aqua faceted beads, opaque pink and blue faceted beads, touches of rose and dark rose beads; lots of pretty, and sparkly, beads! The prism strands include light pink, Austrian antique green ab, and clear.

Attached to the strands are clear lead crystal teardrop prisms, light aqua teardrop prisms, pink teardrop prisms, light pink water drop prisms, clear pendant prisms, opaque aqua and opaque pink water drop prisms, antique notched lead crystal arrow head prisms, and long rectangular cut prisms. The center strand holds a pink porcelain rose.

Pink and Aqua Sweetheart Crystal Wind Chime

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