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This splendid antique crystal wind chime has such a magical feel to it! Lots of heavy beading, using beautifully eclectic/bohemian~type crystal, glass and stone beads...

The antique brass top is embellished with purple and gold crystal beads and glass pearls. It is surrounded with chunky strands of crystal and glass beads in purple, gold, gold metallic, Austrian crystal copper, bronze metallic, and iridescent purple. There are some extraordinarily beautiful beads in this mix!


Attached to the strands are Austrian crystal stars in dark topaz, amethyst purple teardrop prisms, amethyst purple French pendant prisms, gold teardrop prisms, deep purple amethyst icicle prisms, antique topaz notched arrowhead lead crystal prisms, and vintage etched deep amethyst lead crystal rectangle prisms. The center strand holds a long, 6" ribbed deep amethyst raindrop crystal prism. The melody is awesome, and this gorgeous work of crystal art is a true pleasure to gaze at!This measures 4" in diameter and 25" long.

Purple and Topaz Crystal Wind Chime

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