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A sweet, colorful Bohemian crystal pendant chandelier :-)

Vintage brass bobeche at the top is draped in faceted crystal beads in rich purple, metallic bronze and metallic magenta/burgundy, and each petal of the bobeche holds a crystal teardrop prism in dark purple, magenta and bronze/honey.

The main light section uses a vintage brass component and there are two layers of faceted crystal bead and crystal prism strands in metallic bronze, honey, dark purple, and magenta. There are also Swarovski golden teak and deep lilac crystal octagons in some of the strands. The 42 strands of crystal beads and prisms hold dark purple teardrop crystal prisms, dark purple pendant crystal prisms, magenta teardrop crystal prisms, magenta water drop crystal prisms, and honey teardrop crystal prisms. The strands are staggered in length to give a beautiful "waterfall" effect.

The electrical is new. An antique brass socket takes a standard size bulb, up to 75 watts. There is 15 feet of brown cord with a plug and inline switch, and three feet of antique brass etched chain. This is ready to hang as a swag/pendant, but can easily be hardwired.

Measures 6" in diameter and 17" long (the length does not include the cord nor the chain).

Purple, Magenta, Bronze Crystal Bohemian Pendant Chandelier

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