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Purple, Olive, Topaz, Copper Antique Crystal Wind Chime

A stunning, very sparkly antique crystal wind chime ;-)

Ornate brass top is painted olive green and it's embellished with crystal beads and glass pearls in copper, olive green, orange, and topaz.

The piece is surrounded with 37 strands of crystal, glass, and other, beads and prisms in olive green, topaz, topaz ab, copper, orange, orange ab, purple, and gold. There are some exquisite beads in the mix.

Attached to the strands are half iridescent coated gold and topaz crystal teardrop prisms, tiny olive green teardrop prisms, topaz French pendant crystal prisms, purple French pendant crystal prisms, olive green pendant crystal prisms, orange pendant crystal prisms, champagne gold pendant crystal prisms, gold water drop crystal prisms, and gorgeous antique lead crystal arrowhead prisms in two sizes; the shorter prisms are notched and the long prisms, which sound amazing, are smooth. The center strand holds a dazzling topaz faceted crystal ball.

Measures 5" in diameter and 30" long.

Purple, Olive, Topaz, Copper Antique Crystal Wind Chime

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