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A ruby color~saturated crystal wind chime :-) This is so vibrant and rich~looking!!

Antique brass top is surrounded with layers of luscious ruby, garnet and gold crystal bead and prism strands. There are gold metallic crystal beads, metal garnet rose clusters, golden shadow crystal prisms, ruby and garnet crystal prisms, gold leaves, etc. incorporated into the strands, lending a special kind of magic feel to this work of crystal art ;-)

Attached to the strands are large antique ruby teardrop prisms, medium vintage ruby teardrop prisms, vintage ruby French pendant crystal prisms, gold pendant crystal prisms, ruby notched spearhead crystal prisms, and long notched colonial cut lead crystal prisms. The melody is deep and rich. The center strand holds a vintage red beaded tassel that compliments the piece perfectly!

Measures 4 1/4" in diameter and 29" long.

Ruby and Gold Antique Crystal Wind Chime

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