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This is so full of color and dazzle, it is mesmerizing in the sunlight!

Antique brass top is surrounded with layers of crystal and glass prism and bead strands in shades of red, ruby,rose, fuchsia and hot pink. Some of the prisms are Swarovski crystal for maximum sparkle. There are also metallic pink prisms scattered through the strands.

Attached to the strands are large hot pink crystal teardrop prisms, vintage ruby scalloped French pendant crystal prisms, vintage ruby star and flower etched colonial cut lead crystal prisms, magenta crystal teardrop prisms, hot pink waterdrop prisms, and antique notched arrowhead lead crystal prisms. The center strand holds a sparkly ruby red crystal cluster.

Measures 4" x 23".

Ruby and Hot Pink Antique Crystal Wind Chime

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