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Pretty antique brass top is painted metallic silver and surrounded with layers of lovely crystal prism and bead strands. The strands have iridescent medium and dark sapphire, silver metallic and clear prisms, and blue marbled agate beads, iridescent light blue faceted crystal beads, pretty blue flowered lampwork beads, and dark blue iridescent beads.

Attached to the strands are medium sapphire crystal teardrops, large scalloped clear teardrop prisms, antique notched arrowhead lead crystal prisms, extra long clear water drop prisms, and vintage powder blue teardrop prisms. The center crystal strand holds a dazzling Swarovski austrian crystal sun disk in Bermuda Blue.

Hang this in a sunny window and you will be totally delighted by the light refraction dancing all over the room! This sparkles like crazy :-)

Measures 4" x 22".

Sapphire Blue Antique Crystal Wind Chime

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