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A lovely crystal wind chime that shimmers and sparkles...

Two vintage glass pieces are used to create this crystal wind chime; there is a smaller glass piece underneath the larger cut glass piece. There are clear crystal faceted bead strands surrounding each of the pieces. The inner layer has large faceted crystal disks added to the strands and the outer layer has shimmery silver prisms added to every other strand of crystal beads, for extra shimmer. Attached to the strands are silver water drop crystal prisms, silver teardrop crystal prisms, and extra long, slender vintage water drop prisms. The center strand holds a gorgeous multi~faceted sparkle crystal ball.

The melody reminds me of the old Japanese glass chimes that my Mom had hanging on the porch ~ it had a tinkling sound...this wind chime is almost like that sound :-)

Measures 5 1/2" in diameter and 28" long.

Vintage Glass and Crystal Wind Chime

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